Lotus, long associated with sporting power and pedigree, is officially represented in Cyprus by MotoTrend since 2000. We, at MotoTrend, share the same enthusiasm and passion about Lotus cars as you do !

Our privately owned facility, consisting of a car showroom and a fully equipped service and repair  workshop, all under the same roof, is conveniently situated at the entrance of Nicosia.

Our passionate and experienced team (Lotus-trained), is dedicated to taking care of all aspects of your Lotus motoring requirements, making your purchase and ownership a unique experience.

At MotoTrend, we also offer the best possible quality of used Lotus vehicles.

Lotus is renowned for the design of race and production automobiles based on lightweight architecture and excellent handling characteristics. Throughout the company's sixty year history, innovation on road and track has been central to Lotus's success. Colin Chapman, an engineering guru and founder of Lotus had an obsession with lightness. He used to say "Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere."

As a family run business we are driven to offer unrivaled quality of work and customer satisfaction at all levels. If we can be of any assistance, why not give us a call or visit our facility at your convenience.